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The fourth volume of the Kanojo, Okarishimasu manga series.


After an intense trip to the hot springs with his rental girlfriend, things are complicated enough for the still hapless and deeply confused Kazuya Kinoshita, as he finally manages to take some space from Chizuru Ichinose long enough to get his thoughts together. But a mysterious new figure enters the picture, who seems to know quite a lot about his “romantic” life…[1]


Story Arc


Image Synopsis
Ruka asks Kazuya to hug her.jpg All of a sudden Ruka Sarashina came to Nerima University.And asked Kazuya Kinoshita to hug her in classroom.
Ruka came to kazuya house .jpg Ruka Sarashina came to Kazuya Kinoshita compartment.
Ruka confess to Kazuya.jpg Ruka Sarashina confess her feeling to Kazuya Kinoshita through a recording
Kazuya goes for a part-time job.jpg Kazuya Kinoshita goes for a part-time job. Because he spent most of his money to rent Chizuru Ichinose
Kzuya findout Chizuru with another man.jpg On christmas day Kazuya Kinoshita saw Chizuru Ichinose with an another man
Chizuru give Kazuya a Christmas present.jpg Chizuru Ichinose gives Kazuya Kinoshita a christmas present.
Ruka get kazuya to room.jpg Kazuya Kinoshita goes to a room with Ruka Sarashina without his knowledge.