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The twenty-first volume of the Kanojo, Okarishimasu manga series.



Story Arc


Image Synopsis
Chizuru asks kazuya to company her with a party.jpg Chizuru Ichinose asks to Kazuya Kinoshita that can he along with her to a party.
Kazuya felt guilt of himself .jpg Kazuya Kinoshita felt guilt of himself.Because, all he thought of Chizuru Ichinose was like a rental girlfriend. But as a girl she wants someone to be on herside to support her.
Kibe saw Nagomi prays at the grave.jpg When Kazuya Kinoshita tried to say the truth about Chizuru Ichinose to Yoshiaki Kibe. Yoshiaki Kibe said what he saw. That everyday early morning Grandma goes to Grandpa grave and she prays for her family safety, their health and also Kazuya Kinoshita's happy life.
Mami trys to manipulate Chizuru.jpg Mami Nanami brought Chizuru Ichinose to a cafe. She asks her to leave Kazuya Kinoshita. That he is manipulating her by renting her. But she will be saving her from Kazuya.
Ruka came to Kazuya's room to stay.jpg After hearing directly from Kazuya Kinoshita. That he is going to approach to Chizuru Ichinose. Ruka Sarashina came to kazuya's room to stay with him. So, she can stop him approaching her.
Umi asks Kazuya to explain meaning to a specific sentence.jpg Umi Nakano brought Kazuya Kinoshita to a private place. And he asked him to explaing meaning for a sentence "I Don't Not Like You"(Chizuru is the one said this). Which is like, 'I like you'.