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The nineteenth volume of the Kanojo, Okarishimasu manga series.



Story Arc


Image Synopsis
Kazuya rents chizuru to cheer up her.jpg Kazuya Kinoshita rents Mizhuhara to cheer her up!
Chizuru was happy of watching movie.jpg Mizhuhara seems happy after watching movie.
Kazuya plans to show firework to chizuru.jpg At the end of the date Kazuya Kinoshita plans to show fireworks, to make Chizuru Ichinose happy.
Chizuru remembers the day she plays fireworks with her grandma .jpg Chizuru Ichinose remembers her childhood day. she plays fireworks with her Grandma
Kazuya expose her as his perfect girlfriend.jpg Kazuya Kinoshita expose his feeling to Chizuru. "You are my real Girlfriend".
Chizuru came crying to Kazuya.jpg Chizuru Ichinose try's to hold her tears. But came crying to Kazuya Kinoshita
Mini came to kazuya's room to ask him about the cheer up day.jpg Mini Yaemori came to Kazuya Kinoshita room suddenly. To ask him how the other day with Chizuru Ichinose gone.
Chizuru acts as normal.jpg The next day Chizuru Ichinose acts normal like nothing happened(He got dumbed). But later she talk infront of her Grandma photo. That she felt relief after crying to him.