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The first volume of the Kanojo, Okarishimasu manga series.


Kazuya is a college freshman who recently got dumped by his first girlfriend. In his despair, he tries out renting a girlfriend to wash away his sorrows. He meets Chizuru this way, who is undeniably pretty and sweet. Kazuya struggles quelling his jealousy that Chizuru meets various customers, just like him, but he finds himself unable to stop seeing her.

He complains to her publicly about how their relationship will never truly go anywhere, so she confronts him in private about violating the terms of their agreement. In their argument, Kazuya gets a call about his grandmother that fell. They have no choice but to go to the hospital together, where Chizuru meets Kazuya’s family.

Kazuya says Chizuru is his girlfriend. Afterwards, he reveals to Chizuru why he used her and how he will inevitably have to own up to his lie to his family. Due to the circumstances, this causes some of Chizuru’s real personality to show through, which intrigues Kazuya more than before. Chizuru is rather nihilistic and doesn’t care for impressing her family or saying what is on her mind when she is not upholding the girlfriend act.

Just as Kazuya determines he won’t be held back by his heartbreak anymore, he stumbles across Chizuru on campus.


Story Arc


Image Synopsis
Kazuya and chizuru meets each other at Nerima University.jpg Chizuru Ichinose & Kazuya Kinoshita accidently meets each other in Nerima University.
Kazuya intruduce chizuru as his new girl friend.jpg Kazuya Kinoshita introduce Chizuru Ichinose as his new girlfriend to Yoshiaki Kibe and Shun Kuribayashi suddenly.