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This page contains the story arcs until the latest manga update.

Prologue Arc

Begins with Kazuya in despair for being dumped by his very first girlfriend, Mami Nanami. Kazuya in depression tried to date a Rental Girlfriend, picking the recommended one to be Chizuru Mizusawa. During the dating, Kazuya was in delusion that he was getting a new girlfriend, leading him to rate Chizuru badly and giving a bad review for "misleading him". Kazuya dated her again for the second time to scold her, but it was a foolish for Kazuya as Chizuru is a Rental Girlfriend, she is never meant to become the real girlfriend. Chizuru mad at Kazuya and demanded the real review because Kazuya made the biggest mistake ever to take the date to be real. But before Kazuya apologized, he got a call that his grandmother was hospitalized.

Chizuru followed him to the hospital and later lied to Kazuya that she was his girlfriend because of Kazuya's gutless to not admit Chizuru as a rental girlfriend. This lead Kazuya's grandmother to gain an adrenaline rush and called upon her friends in the hospital to brag off the moment. Chizuru and Kazuya were almost able to escape the commotion, but Chizuru's grandmother found her with Kazuya during the hiding. This lead Chizuru and Kazuya have to fake their relationship because they didn't want to disappoint their grandmothers and promised to each other that they have to break up with a slow phase.

Vacation Arc

Kazuya's friends and Mami's friends took Kazuya and Mami on a vacation together. Chizuru was begged by Kazuya's friends to come too, but she didn't come with them. But, Chizuru was dragged by her friends and unintentionally met Kazuya and his ex in the same spot.

The 2nd Rental Girlfriend Arc

Shun Kuribayashi bragged to Kazuya that he finally has a girlfriend. He begged Kazuya to go for a double dating, which Kazuya reluctantly accepted. After that, Kazuya bumped into a girl and got scolded for not just bumping into her, but also saw her panties. On the date time, it was revealed that the girl is Shun's girlfriend named Ruka Sarashina. But after some moments with them, Ruka asked bluntly about Chizuru is a Rental Girlfriend or not.

The Ex' Strike Arc

Mami couldn't stand when Kazuya ignored her plea to meet her for a night during the vacation and started to search more about Chizuru to break her mentally so she would break her relationship with Kazuya.

The 3rd Rental is the 1st's Junior Arc

On a night, Chizuru got a message from her agency and she asked for Kazuya to help her junior, Sumi Sakurasawa to adapt better as the newbie of the Rental Girlfriend. Kazuya accepted and later found out that Sumi is way too terrible to work as a Rental Girlfriend.

Joint Birthday Arc

It's been a year of Kazuya and Chizuru's fake dating and Kazuya's grandmother able to make Kazuya confessed about Chizuru's birthday, telling him to have a joint birthday. Chizuru initially refused to come because her grandma was in critical condition. Expecting that Chizuru wouldn't come, Ruka made her move to have Kazuya to be admitted as her real lover in front of his family.

The Rental Girlfriend's Dream Arc

As the day progressed, Kazuya later learned from Chizuru herself that she wanted to become a top actress idol. Learning that Chizuru wanted to become one as fast as she could before her grandma passed way, Kazuya selflessly searched a way to help Chizuru to be able to have her own movie on the silver screen. His work, would unexpectedly be helped by a neighbor who disturbed his conversation with Chizuru on a certain night, Mini Yaemori.

Hawaii Trip Arc