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Sayuri Ichinose (いち 百合ゆり, Ichinose Sayuri?) is the grandmother of Chizuru Ichinose and a former top actress with Phoenix as her stage name.

Appearance Edit

Sayuri is a plump, cheerful elderly woman with short, grey curled-up hair, light-colored eyes or dark-colored eyes and oval glasses.

She is usually dressed in a vintage blouse and a sweater [1]. Because of her illness, she is no longer able to walk for long and mostly seen to sit on a wheelchair.

When Chizuru was a junior high, Sayuri's hair was as long as when she was in her youth of actress and less skinnier than the current.

Personality Edit

Sayuri is a happy and accepting woman [1]. She is completely similar to Nagomi, her friend and the later sister in crime for trying to unite Kazuya and Chizuru to be together for real (despite the fact that they didn't know that the couple's relationship is a lie).

During her younger age when Chizuru was a junior high school girl, Sayuri has some limit of pessimism to not let Chizuru to go overboard. The death of her husband changed her into the current with the reason that she wants to see what is laying behind his husband's wish and principal to go towards the dream.

Quotes Edit

  • "Did you watch, dear? Our grandchild has reached her dream. It's your win" - Sayuri to her deceased husband after she has seen Chizuru able to reach her dream.

Etymology Edit

  • The name Sayuri is composed of "small" (小, sa) and "lily" (百合, yuri).
  • Sayuri's surname Ichinose means "one" (一, ichi) and "swift current, rapids" (瀬, se).

References Edit

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