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Kazuya Kinoshita Edit

Ruka initially scored him as an irresponsible beast who just love to hangout with random girls just like any of her clients. However, Kazuya's sincerity makes her fall in love with him and she confirmed it with a heart beat counter in her smartphone.

At first, Chizuru told Kazuya to take a trial girlfriend approach on Ruka. Unfortunately for Kazuya, Ruka deems him as a real boyfriend in the end. Despite being declared as a 'temporary' girlfriend, Ruka keeps on boldly approaching Kazuya and tries her best to make him to be hers, not Chizuru's as Ruka notices that deep inside, Chizuru has a feeling towards him.

Chizuru Ichinose Edit

Ruka had a normal approach towards her during the first met until Ruka bluntly asking if Chizuru is a Rental Girlfriend. This shocked Chizuru and she initially deemed her as an enemy towards her fake life with Kazuya. However, Kazuya's effort and sincerity towards Ruka about his feeling towards Chizuru led her to fall in love with Kazuya as he is the only person who can make her heart to beat above her irregular value without any bad effect.

Chizuru also made herself in more trouble after she confessed Kazuya to be a 'trial' lover for her as Ruka became bolder towards Kazuya even becoming an unconditionally love rival as a fact that Chizuru actually loves Kazuya slowly.

Nagomi Kinoshita Edit

Ruka first met with Kazuya's grandmother was during Kazuya's birthday party. Ruka bluntly said that she is Kazuya's girlfriend and Kazuya dodged her doubt by declaring that she is a compulsive liar.

Unfortunately or fortunately for Kazuya, the arrival of Chizuru during the party led Nagomi to accept her as Chizuru's friend, another lie from Chizuru. The lie made Nagomi openly spoiled her despite she was about to hate her because of Kazuya's first lie idea.

Mami Nanami Edit

Ruka encountered Mami during Mami's investigation on Kazuya's life in his work. Different than how Chizuru approached Mami, Ruka bluntly declared that Kazuya is hers and Mami is an ex, telling her to stay away from disturbing his life. Mami deemed her as another enemy in exchange but not the main threat.

Mini Yaemori Edit

Initially deemed her as another enemy, but her view changed because Yaemori is more into becoming Kazuya's obedient pet, albeit this still tick her.

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