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I can't stand it anymore. Even if you think I'm weird... Or cringeworthy... just being like this makes me happy enough to shed tears...

― Ruka to Kazuya Kinoshita[1]

Ruka Sarashina (さらしな, Sarashina Ruka?) is one of the deuteragonists of the Kanojo, Okarishimasu series. She is a girl whose heart beats slower than the average person and she seeks a lover that will help her cope with her condition.

Appearance Edit

Ruka is girl who dons a blue ribbon headband as the highlight of her appearance. She usually wears her school uniform during her job as a rental and as her formal clothing, but sometimes wears a sweater.

Personality Edit

Ruka is seen as being a very pushy and possessive kind of person. This personality of hers developed after learning of her condition and being alienated from her peers. Because of this, she became very fixated on the idea that getting a boyfriend would help her in having a faster heartbeat.

Along with her rather brash personality, she doesn't like giving up easily; often making poor decisions to get what she wants.

History Edit

Ruka is born with an irregular heartbeat, leading her life to be tormented for being treated differently from the others because she can collapse if she performs a hard working activity. This leads her to become a rental girlfriend as a wish to have someone who can make her heart beat faster without any trouble. For a while, all the people she met with had no effect on her, until she met one who was truly genuine during a coincidental meetup, Kazuya Kinoshita.

The sincerity of Kazuya made her fall in love with him and slowly led to her decision to quit her rental girlfriend job. To make the matter worse for Kazuya, she followed him to where he worked at after quitting for half a year later.

Etymology Edit

  • The name Ruka means "lapis lazuli" (瑠, ru?) and "summer" (夏, ka?).
  • Ruka's surname Sarashina means "change" (更, sara?) and "department" (科, shina?).

Trivia Edit

  • Ruka's favorite color is blue.


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