Family Edit

Kazuya Kinoshita Edit

Nagomi is very spoiling towards Kazuya but also harsh at the same time. When Kazuya falsely declared that he has Chizuru as his girlfriend, Nagomi is so proud that Kazuya able to get an angel despite his appearance. Ironically, Nagomi also a crybaby when she played the similar game that Kazuya had played and often to share her problem when she was online in the game.

Children Edit

Just like Nagomi to Kazuya, she is also spoiling her children and harsh to them.

Kazuya's Acquaintance Edit

Chizuru Ichinose Edit

Nagomi cherishes Chizuru as her own grand daughter despite Chizuru is a fake girlfriend and Nagomi has yet to notice it.

Ruka Sarashina Edit

Nagomi initially hid her antagonistic towards her because Kazuya lied to her that Ruka is a compulsive liar. However, Nagomi changed when Chizuru lied that Ruka is her friend, leading Nagomi to cherish Ruka just like she cherish Chizuru.

Mami Nanami Edit

Mami secretly followed her twitter account as her step to break Kazuya and Chizuru. It is yet to be revealed on how Nagomi will face her indirectly.

Kibe Edit

It is claimed by Kazuya that Nagomi cherish Kibe well and Kibe also harbor a great respect towards her.

Hospital Edit

Because of Nagomi's daily life lead her to be hospitalized, she managed to make friends in there.

Sayuri Ichinose Edit

One of the only revealed acquaintance of Nagomi. Their friendships grows closer when Kazuya and Chizuru were revealed to be a couple. It also saddens Nagomi that Sayura's lifespan is shorter than her.

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