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If you're gonna flirt around that much, why don't you just go out already?

― Mini to Kazuya

Mini Yaemori (八重森 みに, Yaemori Mini) is a supporting character of the Kanojo, Okarishimasu series. She is a neighbor of Kazuya Kinoshita and Chizuru Ichinose who is also a YouTuber, Nicolive, and Twitcasting.

Appearance Edit

Mini has a childdish look with a fang and two blue streaks on her hair. She at times likes to wear cosplays when streaming.

Personality Edit

Mini sports a rather childish personality and is easily swayed by other sources. Her reason for speaking out during the day Kazuya and Chizuru met up to discuss their filming process was from a video she saw on Youtube, showing how easy it is to persuade her decision making.

As stated by Kazuya, she is a "modern-day girl", as she is the kind to talk about waifu's, romantic topics, and so on.

In spite of this, she does show consideration towards others and promises not to delve deep into the endeavors of others unless necessary.

She also is very forward when it comes to her relationship with her Master, Kazuya, to the point where she goes out of her way to make sure that he and Chizuru end up together.

History Edit

Mini met Kazuya and Chizuru talking about the film on the veranda of their apartments. Mini hears Chizuru calling Kazuya the producer, and him embarrassed by it: she jokingly asks why they aren't in a relationship already.

The next day, she and Kazuya coincidentally meet up and are in the same highschool; Kazuya being her senpai as him being a sophomore. Kazuya tries to clear up any false narratives she has of him: she understands, but quickly goes off on tangents about her idols.

When Ruka accidentally met with both Kazuya and Chizuru in their apartment, Mini caught wind of the girls being rental-girlfriends, and so, deemed him as a playboy until he explained their long history. She then dubbed Kazuya as "master" and often acted as cupid to further his and Chizuru's relationship.

Later on, Kazuya openly admits that the crowd-funding for their film hasn't been doing well, which leads to Yaemori willingly helping them, as, with her experience with her cosplaying friend, she used the same tactic to hold an exhibition event.

Quotes Edit

  • "It's more than that, he likes you as a woman."
  • "Look, girls get horny too."

Etymology Edit

  • Mini's surname Yaemori means "eight" (八, ya?), "multilayered" (重, e?) and "forest" (森, mori?).

Trivia Edit

  • Mini does cosplay.

References Edit

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