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Kazuya Kinoshita Edit

Mami was Kazuya's girlfriend of a month, before she dumped him in a favor of a better boyfriend. This is revealed to be a lie, but why she dumped him is yet to be known, as Mami's brother claimed that she has no boyfriend, much to her annoyance.

Despite having broken up with Kazuya, Mami seems to have lingering feelings or animosity towards him, especially when Kazuya showed up with Chizuru by his side not long after the break up. Mami is secretly being antagonistic towards his new path in life and has secretly declared her intention to ruin his new relationship.

Ironically, Kazuya does not know her real persona and despite his relationship with Chizuru being fake, he slowly has his painful memories of Mami to disappear, as he falls in love with Chizuru for real. This also leads Kazuya to be unsure of his feelings towards Mami as time progresses. However, he is suspicious of her, due to her changes in facade.

Chizuru Ichinose Edit

Mami deems her to be an enemy despite Mami had dumped Kazuya. Unfortunately, Chizuru unable to understand Mami's hatred because Mami able to cover and tried her best to attack Chizuru with psychology without revealing her true color.

Ruka Sarashina Edit

Mami first met with Ruka in a karaoke where Ruka and Kazuya are working at. Because of Ruka's bold approach and proclaims Kazuya as hers, Mami also deems her as a threat albeit not as big as Mami has deemed Chizuru.

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