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New girlfriend a month after breaking up? Is he trying to get back at me or something? What was her name again? Chizuko? Tsuruko? Can't remember. Can't believe he sided with her against me. I'll make sure they break up.

― Mami to herself[2]

We're both sailing in the same leaky boat.

― Mami to Kazuya[3]

Mami Nanami (なな, Nanami Mami?) is a minor antagonist of the Kanojo, Okarishimasu series. She is a freshman at Nerima University and the ex-girlfriend of Kazuya Kinoshita whom she dumped in favor of someone 'new', thus setting off the main events of the series.


Mami is a rather short young woman, with blonde hair styled in a bouncy bob that has subtle pink highlighted tips. She has bright blue eyes and a small frame with nice and slender legs.

Her daily outfit changes from time to time, but usually with light clothing, a purse and a skirt that flaunts her fair skin.[4][5]

Mami is an attractive person, and is certainly aware of it, seeing as she uses it to her advantage. [6] However, she can quickly become self conscious when she compares herself to more well-endowed women, such as Chizuru.[7]

In contrast to her sweet and approachable appearance, Mami can exhibit a cold and frightening demeanor when disgruntled. In this state, she scares away men trying to flirt with her and even causes her friends to pause in bewilderment at her reactions..


In public, Mami appears to be a sweet and friendly person. Behind that persona, however, Mami has displayed sociopathic tendencies, such as conniving, manipulative, and petty behaviors, especially revolving around Kazuya and Chizuru.[4][8] When her friendly facade drops, her jealous and possessive feelings scare people around her. Despite not being involved with Kazuya anymore, she has gone out of her way to get more information about him and the girls he's with and attempt to pull them apart.[5][8] It is still unknown whether she does these out of lingering feelings for Kazuya, or if her motivations are simply out of spite.[5][8]

In Kazuya's eyes, she appears loving and empathetic. However, due to the contradictory nature of her behavior, it is still unconfirmed if her feelings are genuine. She seemingly expresses concern for him being unable to find a girlfriend if he keeps renting Chizuru. [3] In contrast, she has expressed in secret that she is disgusted with their relationship and is determined to break them up. She has manipulated Kazuya's feelings for her, ie. kissing him and inviting to meet her at a pool alone in spite of being aware he had a girlfriend. (though she was unaware Chizuru was a rental at the time). After realizing Kazuya is still renting Chizuru, she gets herself involved further.

In the Sumi's spin-off series Kanojo, Hitomishirimasu, it is revealed that Mami is a maneater, as she is skilled at charming and manipulating men with incredible poise.[6]


Mami states that she dated two guys from high school but quickly broke up.[9] Then, Mami dated Kazuya Kinoshita during their early freshmen year. During her date with Kazuya, she said that they are both "sailing in the same leaky boat" after admitting their lack of experience in a romantic relationship. However, she suddenly dumped him as she states that she likes someone 'new'. [10] She then blocked him on Twitter and continues her friendly facade when they bumped to each other at the university. She met Kazuya again at a drinking party but there is a young and beautiful woman who is introduced as his new girlfriend at his side this time, much to her annoyance.

Mami invites Kazuya and company to the beach. She brings up a past discussion with Kazuya on what they were going to name their future child. Later on, she follows Kazuya to a bathroom at a local store, and is surprised to find Chizuru with him. Once they've returned to the beach, Mami invites Kazuya behind the rocks and maneuvers herself to kiss him. This causes Kazuya to announce his break up with Chizuru, which enrages Kibe into punching him. Kibe calls out Mami for toying with Kazuya's feelings, which she denies. Later on, Mami invites Kazuya to a pool with her and Kazuya accepts. However, due to the incident where Kazuya jumped off the ship to save Chizuru, they were unable to meet, and she seemingly ignores Kazuya's attempts to explain afterwards.

One day, Mami notices Kazuya walking around with another girl. She introduces herself, much to Kazuya's utter discomfort. As Sumi doubles down her display of affection towards Kazuya, Mami finds herself surprised that Kazuya would be such a player since their break up and vows to not tell Chizuru. Afterwards, she does an online search for Sumi and discovers that she works as a rental girlfriend.

Not long after, she discovers the truth about Chizuru and rents her. Although she toys with Chizuru for a bit, she did not hold back her criticism of her relationship with Kazuya. When Chizuru confronts her with a question of her actual feelings for Kazuya, Mami's attitude changes from gleeful to agitated. She defensively tells Chizuru to mind her own business before departing.

Mami encounters Kazuya on campus and lets her know she's aware of Chizuru's and Sumi's occupation. She expresses concern for Kazuya and encourages him to stop with the rental girlfriend business and to find an actual girlfriend.

One night, Mami makes a surprise visit to Kazuya's apartment. Because being in a customer's home is against her company's policy, Chizuru panics along with Kazuya and both of them hide. Mami walks in through the unlocked door and looks around briefly, completely oblivious to Kazuya and Chizuru's presence, then leaves. However, as she's walking away from the apartment, her memory flashes back to the brief glimpse she had in the room, and she suddenly remembers seeing a purse sitting on Kazuya's floor.

Mami later surprises Kazuya again in his workplace, which she learned from Kibe. She tells Kazuya that she's already been here before, unbeknownst that Kazuya was aware that she was here with Chizuru. She invites him into a room to talk with him, which arouses suspicion from Ruka and gets her involved. When Mami inquires to Ruka's relationship with Kazuya, Ruka resoundingly declares herself as Kazuya's girlfriend and is berated by her for still getting involved after their break up. When Mami brings up Kazuya seeing rental girlfriends, Ruka responds somewhat casually that she's fine with it, stating that their relationship was not so rigid. Afterwards, Mami bid her farewell and seemingly looked sad on her way out to Kazuya. In reality, Mami was extremely agitated by Ruka's flagrant display and was in a bad mood when she reached the train, until by chance she ran into Chizuru at a stop. At this point, Mami notices Chizuru's purse and deduces with a series of underlying questions that Chizuru is still seeing Kazuya and has been inside his home.

Later on, Mami is seen on a computer trying to find information on Ruka, but has no luck. However, she discovers Kazuya's family is the owner of a well known liquor store, and she comes into contact with Nagomi...

Time has passed, and Kibe is meeting up with Nagomi to discuss details on their website. Upon meeting with Nagomi, he notices Mami sitting with her and has gotten to know of the Kinoshita family business.

Mami then runs into Chizuru on campus and deduced that she is the exact same Chizuru that is working as a rental girlfriend. She claims to not expose her secret on a certain condition.


  • The name Mami means "hemp, flax" (麻, ma?) and "beautiful" (美, mi?).
  • Mami's surname Nanami means "seven" (七, nana?) and "sea, ocean" (海, mi?).


  • Mami's favorite color is gold.
  • Mami's Twitter handle is @pyon_pyon210.[10]
  • Mami is the only character in the series who can be considered as genuinely malicious.


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