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New girlfriend a month after breaking up? Is he trying to get back at me or something? What was her name again? Chizuko? Tsuruko? Can't remember. Can't believe he sided with her against me. I'll make sure they break up.

― Mami to herself[1]

Mami Nanami (ななうみあさ, Nanami Mami?) is a secret antagonist character of the Kanojo, Okarishimasu series. She is a freshman at Nerima University and the ex-girlfriend of Kazuya Kinoshita whom she dumped in favor of someone 'new', thus setting off the main events of the series.


Mami is a short young woman with blonde hair that has subtle pink highlights at the tips, bright blue eyes, and a small frame with nice and slender legs.

Her daily outfit changes from time to time, but usually with light clothing, a purse, and a skirt that flaunts her fair skin [2][3].


Mami comes off as the type of woman who's kind, caring and supportive of others[2][4]. She appears to be friendly on the outside, but she harbors jealous and possessive feelings that scare her friends sometimes. These feelings usually give her a sharp tongue and make her more insensitive, as seen when she mocks Kazuya Kinoshita's quirks when they were dating at a drinking party[4].

Moments of her true identity reveal whenever Kazuya is with another girl and does whatever research she needs to get more information out of him and the girl; relentlessly trying to pull them apart[3][4]. She likes to do that by making rude remarks about Kazuya while talking to the other girls, or about the girl while talking to Kazuya [3][4].


Mami used to date Kazuya Kinoshita during their early freshmen year, but she suddenly dumped him as she states that she likes someone 'new' [5] before she then blocked him on Twitter and continues her friendly facade when they bumped to each other at the university. She met Kazuya again at a drinking party but there is a young and beautiful woman who is introduced as his new girlfriend at his side this time, much to her annoyance.


  • The name Mami means "hemp" (麻, ma?) and "beautiful" (美, mi?).
  • Mami's surname Nanami means "seven" (七, nana?) and "sea, ocean" (海, mi?).


  • Mami's favorite color is gold.
  • Mami's Twitter handle is @pyon_pyon210.[5]


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