Kazuya KinoshitaEdit

Kuribayashi's college friend. They hang out sometimes, together with Kibe. Kuribayashi usually follows the other two around. He is shocked when Kazuya shows up with Chizuru Ichinose or anyone as pretty as her.

Their friendship had once broken when Kazuya learned that Kuri rent a girl. But this is later to be amended as Kazuya set up Kuri to rent Chizuru.


A college friend he likes to hang out with.

Rental Girlfriend Edit

Ruka Sarashina Edit

Kuribayashi knows her from Rental Girlfriend. He initially bragged to have her as his real girlfriend, but Ruka broke his heart when she was with Kazuya for testing her statement that Kazuya is an ideal person she has searched for

Chizuru Ichinose Edit

Kuribayashi rented her because of the set up from Kazuya. Kuribayashi owned Chizuru and amend his friendship towards Kazuya. This also lead Kuribayashi to not tell the rests of Kazuya and Chizuru's relationship.

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