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This is the Manual of Style for the Kanojo, Okarishimasu Wiki. The section below outlines basic guidelines that will allow us to keep articles organized, clean and consistent. Kindly take your time to read and review the guidelines before making any edits. These guidelines may change over time, so check this page whenever you are able.



  • When writing any article describing fictional events, characters and other content that take part in Kanojo, Okarishimasus universe, it should be written in-universe. With the exception of the Trivia section, phrases like "in Chapter 23" or "in the Crowdfunding arc" should be kept out of sentences. 
  • Write in third person (they, their, and they are).
  • Never use first or second person pronouns when writing.


When writing an article use a neutral point of view. Use the forum for any bias opinions, the Discord server or on the respective comment section, not in the article itself.

General Style

All content on this wiki should be written in American English only (for example, "color" instead of "colour") since the official translations of the manga and anime by Kodansha USA, Crunchyroll and Funimation respectively are provided in American English. The wiki is also primarily targeted to American audiences.

Character Pages


  • Do not use very general or subjective adjectives. Stupid, dumb, ugly, beautiful, handsome, etc. are some very subjective words and should not be used unless another character or themselves has described them self as the adjectives. (Applies to Personality)
  • Using a professional color to describe a color of the character is optional, using adjectives like blackish-brown, red and yellowish is acceptable


  • Describing something about their appearance or something they have done can go into history trivia or, if between another character, relationships. Ex. "Ruka kissed Kazuya in chapter 88" can go into relationships or trivia.


Divide the paragraphs into 3-5 sentence paragraphs or if switching to another topic, set of chapters, etc. (Applies to Relationships)


Relationships should be hosted in a character's subpage. Example: Kazuya Kinoshita/Relationships


When writing an article you do not need to include every detail. They should be written focusing directly on the topic in question, taking out the relevant facts and avoiding unnecessary and unrelated information. Focus more on quality than quantity when constructing the articles.


Article Type Sample Article Infobox
Character Kazuya Kinoshita Template:Character Infobox
Chapter Chapter 1 Template:Chapter Infobox
Volume Volume 1 Template:Volume Infobox
Episode Episode 1 Template:Episode Infobox

Wikitext Formatting

For source editors.

General conducts

  • Use only simple wikitext format in articles.
    • Keep the use of <span> to minimum, and use them only when necessary. Such as when there are no simple MediaWiki code equivalent to the text display using span.
  • Keep usage of HTML markups to minimun; use MediaWiki's markup whenever available and applicable.

Space in coding

In coding markups, leave a space between the markup code and the text.

Entity Example Notes
Article headers == (header) == Also applies to lesser headings
Bullet/number list

* (list) (bullet)
# (list) (number)

Also applies to sub-lists.
Table cells/headers

| (data)
! (header)

Table cells/headers with properties

| properties | (data)
! properties | (header)

Template's named Parameter | (parameter) = (Value)
Infobox parameters whose name are unequally long
| (param)     = (Value)
| (para)      = (Value)
| (parameter) = (Value)
Non-infobox templates with few parameters.

| (parameter1) = (data)| parameter2 = (data)