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"Sumi and Kaori" (墨と香織, Sumi to Kaori?) is the fifth chapter of the Kanojo, Hitomishirimasu manga series.


While having coffee at a diner, Sumi notices a very attractive and stylish college student sit two tables away from her. Soon after the student was approached by a group of men. To Sumi's surprise, the woman calmly welcomes the men to join her. Sumi observes her interaction with the men and notices how ice cold her responses were towards their advances. When one of the men is revealed to have written a thesis in German, the student's demeanor changed quickly as she sweet talks him into proofreading her essay. The student then charms the other men into buying her food and coffee. Sumi is quite impressed at how the student has them wrapped around her finger. Once the essay is complete, the student feigns having to leave right away. She dismisses every attempt for the men to get any contact information out of her, and when asked her name, she replies with "Kaori." Amazed at how well she handled the situation, Sumi writes "Attitude Is Everything" on her calligraphy sheet.