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Harumi Kinoshita (した はる, Kinoshita Harumi?) is the mother of Kazuya Kinoshita.


Harumi is a middle-aged woman with short black hair styled with straight cut bangs, with the rest of her hair tied up to a bun. She looks relatively shorter than most of the other women in the series. She has an average build and dresses conservatively.


Harumi is a taciturn person and generally does not have much to say. When speaking with Chizuru, she is often worried of what she says and apologizes if her words cause any undue stress. [1]

Despite her quiet nature, Harumi has expressed that she is a supportive person and can be someone to talk with in case they've become burdened with pressure. [1]


Harumi married Kazuo when she was 24 years old. She had a difficult time conceiving a child, even with medical assistance. After 8 years, she was finally able to carry and give birth to their only child, Kazuya. [1]

She assists Nagomi and Kazuo in running the family liquor shop.

Plot (Spoiler Warning)

Harumi does not say much and is mostly in the background for the majority of the series. She supposedly had small conversations with Chizuru throughout.[1]

Late in the series at the Hawaiians Resort, she has a personal conversation with Chizuru. She expresses the burden Chizuru must feel when carrying the expectations of Nagomi, which is something she has done herself. Harumi also worries that her own words may also cause Chizuru to feel pressure and hastily apologizes for doing so. As they are talking, Harumi leads Chizuru to a display featuring a wedding gown. Harumi reveals that this resort is the very place where she and Kazuo were married.[1] As they are about to head back to their rooms, Chizuru invites her to a gift shop and purchases a ring for her to wear. Harumi happily accepts the gift and says it makes her feel like a princess.


"It's almost like I'm a princess!"


Harumi's name means "sunny" (晴) and "sea" (海).

Her surname Kinoshita means "tree, wood" (木) (ki) and "under, below" (下) (shita), which is likely more of a tongue-in-cheek reference to Kazuya.



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