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"Rental Girlfriend" (レンタル彼女, Rentaru Kanojo?) is the first episode of the Kanojo, Okarishimasu anime adaptation.


Kazuya Kinoshita is a college student who is dumped by his girlfriend after a month of dating. He decided to date a girl using a "certain way" that he happened to find on his smartphone.

"Kazuya-kun, right?"

── The next day, a pretty girl, Chizuru Mizuhara, appeared at the meeting place.


Kazuya gets dumped by his girlfriend after just a month of dating. That night, he finds she also blocked him on social media and as he gets frustrated he happens to see "Rent-a-Girlfriend" app and decides to try it.

The next day, he meets Chizuru, his rental girlfriend and is surprised she is actually beautiful. They go on his proposed date, visiting the aquarium and she is fascinated by the fish. At the end of their date, she holds his hand, which makes him feel special. That night, he read reviews from other people and learns that Chizuru is doing that with everyone and he gets angry and leaves bad review stating that she doesn't even know common fish names. He decides to go out again with her to give her a piece of his mind.

The following day, he meets again with Chizuru, but as he finds her too cute, he can't say anything. The whole day, Kazuya acts kinda of cold, saying they are total strangers. They go again at the aquarium, where Chizuru starts talking about fish. Kazuya realizes she prepared for the date and is reminded of his ex-girlfriend, making him yell at Chizuru. She drags him somewhere private, where she asks him if he is an idiot as he requested "rental girlfriend" and agreed with the user agreement. Chizuru complains that he left her one-star review, which she had never received before, which brought down her rating. She even brought a book about fish to prepare for this date, but guesses she will get another one-star. Kazuya's phone then rings informing him that his grandma collapsed. He leaves towards the hospital and Chizuru decides to follow as he still have time left with her.

At the hospital his grandmother Nagomi states that she is fine. She sees a girl with Kazuya and Harumi, Kazuya's mother, explain she brought her in as she was with Kazuya, but she and his father really doubt she is his girlfriend. Feeling pressured and mocked, Kazuya states that Chizuru is his girlfriend as she introduces herself as such. Nagomi gets excited and wants to leave the hospital to make a party for the occasion, but Kazuya's parents stop her. His parents then decide to return to the shop. Nagomi asks Chizuru if she had sex with Kazuya, and Chizuru explains that since Kazuya is the oldest son in their family, they figured they will need Nagomi's permission first. Hearing that Nagomi grants them the permission and decides to go call her friends to introduce them to Kazuya's girlfriend.

Kazuya explains that Nagomi had been hospitalized a few times and had made friends with other regular patients. Hearing that Chizuru gets shocked, and states that her grandmother is also patient in the hospital, but she doesn't know about her job. They manage to hide in the next room, under the sheets in the bed and manage to fool Nagomi that they left. Before they manage to leave the room, Chizuru's grandmother Sayuri sees them. Not wanting to trouble Chizuru, Kazuya decides to reveal that he doesn't have a girlfriend, but Chizuru continues the act. Nagomi and Sayuri get happy that their grandchildren are together and look forward for when they will marry each other.

Later, Chizuru tells Kazuya that they need to tell them they broke up. Kazuya explain how important his grandmother is to him and that he wants to introduce her to a real girlfriend before she passes away. He comments he used to has one, but she refused to meet her and then dumped him. Kazuya later leaves five-star review on Chizuru and decides to not call her anymore. He decides to continue with his campus life, howoever on the next day, he and Chizuru meet unexpectedly at school.