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Familial Members Edit

Sayuri Ichinose Edit

Chizuru and her grandmother are very close to each other, due to the fact that she didn't ever get to interact with her parents during her childhood. Chizuru didn't really aspire for much until she saw glimpses of her grandmothers' acting performances during her olden days. She was incredibly moved by this and wanted to be just like her. Sayuri saw her granddaughters' potential and with the support of her husband, wanted to help her in making her dream come to life. This did take a hit, however, once he died; leaving her and Chizuru to look after themselves.

Chizuru occasionally doubts her late grandfathers' words, as they never seem to be getting her anywhere, but her grandmother still continues pushing her to be optimistic instead of pessimistic. Once she found out about her grandmothers' illness, she wanted to give up on it, but with the help of her customer, Kazuya Kinoshita, she doesn't waver and wants her to finally see that she fulfilled her lifelong goal.

Katsuhito Ichinose Edit

Chizuru's grandfather, the one who is responsible for educating Chizuru to follow her dream without a doubt. Chizuru often to take her grandfather's words not seriously, but soon moved on after Chizuru had discovered Sayura's old film in a DVD shop. Chizuru was in great despair when Katshito finally passed away because of a traffic accident.

Friends and Acquaintances Edit

Kazuya KinoshitaEdit

Chizuru first met Kazuya as per request by him. At first, she only ever saw him as a customer so that she could practice her expertise in acting; researching what to do pertaining to a given scenario. Things went as usual when she was acting like a normal girlfriend for him until he suddenly exuded a public tantrum. She dragged Kazuya to a secluded area and gave him a sermon about how their relationship is purely superficial and gives him the choice if he wants to continue with it or not. After having to follow him to the hospital where his ill grandmother resides, she found out that her own grandmother was there too; making them have to lie about being in a relationship, due to seeing them in a precarious situation.

It was taxing for the both of them as they held great animosity towards each other from the past incident and Kazuya getting into constant contact with Mami, his former girlfriend, and Ruka, a newfound coworker, rival and an acquaintance. This goes on until she found out that her grandmother didn't have that much longer to live and falls into despair until Kazuya was there behind her back; wanting to support her in any means possible. When he approaches her with the idea of making a movie, she is overjoyed and touched by his efforts, changing her sad demeanor around other people to a happier one. When Kazuya expresses doubts about being baggage for her, she tells him she has not ever regretted meeting him.

She blushes more in Kazuya's presence and begins to tease him when the two of them meet outside of her work and is shown to hold jealousy during his interactions with Ruka.

Later, it is evident that she has a desire to be closer to Kazuya, privately wishing to legitimately call him by his given name without any honorifics, and is confused regarding how to process her feelings. Although she shrugs off Ruka using Kazuya's name repeatedly, once out of sight, Chizuru quietly whispers it. Her fondness for Kazuya is noticed by her grandmother, who realizes that Chizuru might be falling in love with him, although in denial.

Mami Nanami Edit

Mami harbors a great hatred towards Chizuru for an unknown reason despite the fact that Mami had broken up with Kazuya. Chizuru is not aware as to how far Mami hates her because of Mami's professional facade to hide her true personality. But Chizuru also dislikes how Mami claimed that Kazuya had no love because of the time Chizuru has spent with him.

Ruka Sarashina Edit

Chizuru initially talked to her nicely until Ruka openly said that Chizuru is a rental girlfriend right in front of her. Chizuru was about to report her thru the agency she registered but Kazuya stopped her and learned that Ruka had no intention to break the secret of Chizuru and Kazuya.

Unfortunately, Ruka's moment with Kazuya has lead her to fall in love with him, declaring herself to be the real girlfriend of him despite Chizuru giving a chance to help her with her irregular heartbeat problem.

Sumi Sakurazawa Edit

Sumi is a junior of Chizuru as Sumi registered herself in the same Rental Girlfriend agency. Chizuru is seemed to treasure her nicely and she is happy when Sumi has started to be able for opening up bit by bit after she has introduced Kazuya to accompany her.

Umi Edit

Umi is Chizuru's acquaintance in her acting school. Unbeknownst to Chizuru, Umi slowly developed a feeling towards her and admitted his love after a week that he had broken up with his girlfriend. However, he was too late to confess because Chizuru had fallen in love with Kazuya albeit she denied her feelings. Umi noticed this but he let her go and blamed himself for confessing too late.

Mini Yaemori Edit

She was initially wary towards Yaemori because of her unintentionally deed to learn that her relationship towards Kazuya. However, it annoys her more when she becomes the cupid for Kazuya. It is through Yaemori that Chizuru learns of Kazuya's affections for her and starts to slowly acknowledge her own for him.

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