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"The Girlfriend and my Broken Heart" (しつれんかのじょ, Shitsuren to Kanojo?) is the sixth chapter of the Kanojo, Okarishimasu manga series.


Drunk and still heartbroken, Kazuya wasted himself in his conversation with Mami, his ex-girlfriend who carried him out of the party. As Mami badmouthes Chizuru, Kazuya stops Mami defending Chizuru as she is not what everyone perceives her as. After heading back to his apartment, Kazuya apologizes to Chizuru for getting her into his mess and being attracted to Mami, even after they've broken up. Chizuru consoles Kazuya by telling that its normal for him to be hard forgetting Mami and suggests continuing renting Chizuru to let Kazuya recover.