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"The Chicken and The Girlfriend Part 2" (臆病者と彼女 ②, Okubyōmono to kanojo 2?) is the thirty-eighth chapter of the Kanojo, Okarishimasu manga series.


Kuri, to his disbelief searches Chizuru's name on Google to verify that she is indeed a Rental Girlfriend. Kuribayashi accompanies Chizuru to the theme park she bought the tickets to. During one of the rides, Kuri expresses his opinion about how men are "childish" and also appreciates Chizuru's beauty. Chizuru agrees with Kuri while mentioning that being childish just means that they are being realistic. She also conveys the purpose of what being a rental girlfriend means and how they act as a "bandage." The chapter ends with Kuri expressing his desire for a real girlfriend.