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"The Friend's Girlfriends" (友達の彼女, Tomodachi no kanojo?) is the thirty-seventh chapter of the Kanojo, Okarishimasu manga series.


The chapter starts with Kazuya at his job when he gets the news that someone new is going to be joining their team. The new employee turns out to be Ruka who states that she's "Playing the long game" for him. Kazuya friends end up going to Kazuya's work where they talk about how sad Kuri has been since his breakup with Ruka. Kazuya confronts Ruka about the Kuri situation and she says that she feels bad about it. Kazuya goes back after work to his dorm where he contemplates how to spend his money either on another Chizuru date he then realises that he should spend his money on a date for Kuri with Chizuru in order to cheer him up. Chizuru although shocked by the thought, accepts the decision to go on the date as long as shes in "rental girlfriend mode". The panel ends with Chizuru meeting Kuri who is shocked to see Chizuru as his rental girlfriend.