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"The Two Girlfriends Part 2" (2人の彼女 ②, 2ri no Kanojo 2?) is the thirty-third chapter of the Kanojo, Okarishimasu series.


Kazuya's first instinct is to escape the nightmare he's currently in, but the door is locked. However, Ruka only wants to talk to Kazuya about his relationship with Chizuru. The conversation escalates to Ruka asking is Kazuya can do it with Mizuhara. Ruka says he can't because Chizuru is just a rental. Then Ruka says that she is ready to do that and gets closer to Kazuya right before he quickly gets up for the bathroom. When Kazuya comes back, Ruka is gone. Later, when Kazuya and Chizuru go to meet Kazuya's grandparents, Ruka suddenly shows up.