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"Girlfriend and Girlfriend (Part 8)" (彼女と彼女 ⑧, Kanojo to kanojo 8?) is the twenty-seventh chapter of the Kanojo, Okarishimasu manga series.


Kazuya's idea is to tell Kuri everything about his rentals. Kazuya tries contacting Kuri, but fails, so he tries to sneak out of his house to pursue his plan. In so doing, Ruka barges in and sees Kazuya fall while trying to escape. Ruka chases Kazuya as he's trying to get to Kuri's house. Kazuya eventually gets fed up and tells Ruka that he can't go out with her because of how Kuri would feel. Ruka starts to cry after hearing this and Chizuru tells Kazuya to go out with Ruka, as a trial, to which Kazuya agrees.