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The Girlfriend And Paradise (Part 34) (楽園と彼女㉞, Rakuen to Kanojo 34?) is the two hundred and twenty-second chapter of the Kanojo, Okarishimasu manga series.

Short Summary

Kazuya felt faint after coming to realize that the truth have been now revealed, he can't imagine the worth outcome that is yet to come. Meanwhile mami says her own fable about chizuru, Kazuo Kinoshita and Harumi Kinoshita whispers'that chizuru use her son as an piggybank an drained his money. the people there gossip's about them. Now, mami start to act in which way she can falsely accuse chizuru. Nagomi feels down that it was her wrong idea that thinking of her grand-son who will get along with such girl. All of a sudden, Nagomi thought of Sayuri Ichinose. What if she died of thinking her grand-daughter got someone to take care of her?