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"Girlfriend and Girlfriend (Part 3)" (カノジョカノジョ③, Kanojo to Kanojo 3?) is the twenty-second chapter of the Kanojo, Okarishimasu manga series.


Upon being questioned by Ruka about whether or not she was a "Rental Girlfriend", Chizuru tries to evade it by acting like she does not know what Ruka was addressing. Chizuru returns to Kazuya and informs him about the current situation. Kazuya freaks out, as this would expose him, causing problems between his friends and his Grandma. As Kuri heads off to the restroom, Chizuru takes advantage of this situation to prove that Kazuya and her are dating. Ruka asks them to kiss in front of her to prove their innocence. Kazuya is shocked as Chizuru turns to kiss him but hides their faces and puts her fingers between their lips, covering them with a cellphone case so Ruka could not see if they actually kissed or not. Kazuya quickly makes up an excuse for Chizuru to leave, making Ruka unable to reveal their secret. He accompanies Ruka and Kuri to the railway station. As the three separate, Kazuya sets his eyes on Ruka and tries to follow her in order to protect their secret, however ends up getting caught by her.