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"Girlfriend and Girlfriend (Part 2)" (かのじょかのじょ②, Kanojo to Kanojo 2?) is the twenty-first chapter of the Kanojo, Okarishimasu manga series.


The chapter begins with Chizuru and Kazuya meeting up with Kuri at a Rock Climbing Gym. There, Kuri introduces his girlfriend Ruka Sarashina, the same person that bumped into Kazuya the other day. Even though Kazuya and Ruka have trouble climbing, Chizuru and Kuri seem to be enjoying the climb. Kuri and Kazuya talk about how Kuri met Ruka and about his "manliness". Later, Chizuru shares a drink with Kazuya, and she gets invited by Ruka to go to the restroom together. On the way, Ruka abruptly stops and asks a distressing question: "Are you one of those 'Rental Girlfriends'?"