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"The Girlfriend and Paradise (Part 15)" (楽園と彼女⑮, Rakuen to Kanojo 15?) is the two-hundredth and second chapter of the Kanojo, Okarishimasu manga series.


After having their food, on the way they hear about the Polynesian show. Chizuru got so excited after hearing that. She is so eager to watch that show. As always Kazuya felt shy of his crude thought. He thought it may because he was drunk. After what Ruka said to her; he wants Chizuru to believe him. He was prepared for everything from the very beginning; after confessing to her he believed to date her. But if he gets rejected, he will not bring any other trouble more the current one.  After going to the hall; When she saw the stage. She got depressed because when she was a kid, she used to go a show like this along with her grandma. Before going to watch the show, they buy snacks like pop-corn. Chizuru shares hers snack with Kazuya. Watching his dump look, Kibe got anger. He yelled at him for not tagging along with such a nice girlfriend. Along with Kibe, Nagomi starts to tossing him. After the show started, everyone starts enjoying it. Behind the bench Chizuru saw a whole family enjoying the show. She comes to remember the day with her grandma.  

As a summer project, she had a topic “Happy Moments with Family”. Chizuru asked her grandma to hang out with her. Unlike other she will be covering the topic with few words because she had no parents. Sayuri mocks her that she had no mom, no dad, no money, running out of home. Then she mentioned that not everyone with the family were happy. When Chizuru ignored her speech and said it was a physical matter. Sayuri hugged her; that it was a physical matter. As for her changing the world will not be easy but they should make their own happiness. As long as she kept that in her mind, everyone around her will be with her. After enjoying the show, Kazuya asks Chizuru that did she enjoyed it? She answered that she really enjoyed it. In the side path Mami glares them with a cunning look.