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"The Girlfriend and Paradise (Part 14)" (楽園と彼女⑭, Rakuen to Kanojo 14?) is the two-hundredth and first chapter of the Kanojo, Okarishimasu manga series.


Ruka Sarashina feels stick of her sweat. At the time Chizuru Ichinose gives the condom wrapper to Ruka, as it is the best chance to give that back, which she drops in her room as proof. Ruka felt embarrassed of that, she hides Chizuru’s hand, if anyone saw it. They may feel shy of that in the public. Ruka said her to throw it in garbage; she has no use of that anymore. Chizuru felt as it is Ruka's first time with Kazuya Kinoshita’s, she may want that wrapper as her memory. So, does she have that all this time and ants to return that to her. Ruka was happy of hearing that from Chizuru. For Chizuru, even it is unbelievable to imagine such a relationship between her and Kazuya; for a cute girl to date with him is only a nature. Ruka gets shocked to know that Chizuru has no boyfriends even she is such a cutie. In the cinema industry when they found a handsome actor, they may spend a night with him, Chizuru yelled her that she was not such a girl. Everyone is different, Ruka doubt that she may have that with Kazuya. Ruka got the wrapper back from Chizuru, as now she believes the between her and Kazuya was not a trial anymore. Kazuya came there at the time; Kazuya gets freeze after seeing the wrapper in Ruka’s hand. Ruka tries to change the topic, but Kazuya guess about the conversation between them by looking that wrapper. Now Chizuru believes about Ruka said. Looking at Chizuru, Kazuya shouts that he did not did anything. So does, Ruka shout they did that. So, what Kazuya guessed was right. Ruka changes whole situation as her favor. The whole public watches them. Chizuru yelled that it has nothing to do with her; the only thing she wants to hear is whether the trial is over. Kazuya thought the false accusation will end his effect to confess Chizuru. Shen then went from there. Nagomi Kinoshita prepares the arrangements for the dinner. She arranges the seat as Kazuya next to Chizuru as she likes. She was happy about bringing Chizuru to the buffet. As usual Kazuya stares at Chizuru in her new cloth. Chizuru and Nagomi share the sake. Kazuya felt sad that Chizuru kept her distant from him because she believed what Ruka said. Also, what she is mean to say was that she does not care about him. At the time Chizuru pulled Kazuya and asked him whether he said was truth (She was drunk & she did not say that fully). Kazuya was so confused of not knowing what Chizuru is about to say. It is really a big mystery to know what girls thinks. Chizuru got lot of foods like a haul because she was in extreme hunger.