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"The Girlfriend and Paradise (Part 13)" (楽園と彼女⑬, Rakuen to Kanojo 13?) is the two-hundredth chapter of the Kanojo, Okarishimasu manga series.


Ruka asks Mami that what she is intended to be mean? Mami said that she was just curious about their relationship. Also, she doesn’t mind the rental girlfriend thing or Ruka being Kazuya's girlfriend. That she was sure that the truth will be revealed on day. Ruka said that it is none of her business. So, Mami said her to take a glance at them. It was like a club trip; two of them where couple (Chizuru & Kazuya); the grandma spoils her grandchild. It looks like for other, which is not right. That the boyfriend is a client and the girlfriend is a rental girlfriend; they are cheating their friends and family. Even though it looks like lovers, they are total strangers. The whole family us fooled by their act. The both of them going beyond their limit, it has been one and half a year now. Even it was like an act, Chizuru might feel it for real. Kazuya is trying to courage himself to confess his love to her. Then they start dating for real. That will change the total (their lies to truth). If that happens that all Ruka got was a good game. Chizuru even introduces Kazuya to her grandma. Mami confuse Ruka and got out from there, saying her to forget what she said if she felt it was awkward. Ruka asks Mami that will she say this to Nagomi. Mami replied that she could. But it was not what she said to Chizuru. But what can she do, if she did that? After that Chizuru asks Ruka that is she is feeling good, she seems to be down a bit. Ruka replied that she will join them after a dip in the hot spring. Ruka noticed that Chizuru is struggling intake of her top. Ruka went to help her. It seems that her top was knotted, its hard to untie the knot. Chizuru said the strap was lose so she knotted it like that. Chizuru though of Kazuya knotting her top.