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"The Girlfriend and Paradise (Part 12)" (楽園と彼女⑫, Rakuen to kanojo 12?) is the one hundred and ninety-ninth chapter of the Kanojo, Okarishimasu manga series.


Ruka having trouble with herself. Instead of stopping Kazuya from confessing to Mizuhara. She is just roaming around. Also, she is goofing on the water slide. She just forgot her main mission. She was wandering around the water slide for Kazuya. Becasue he had a strange look in his eye, anytime he would confess his feeling to Chizuru. But she feels ashamed that she can’t stop herself from playing in the water slide. She points that because of Mami and shun she cannot get in touch with Kazuya. She wonders why Kazuya's ex-girlfriend would along with his grandma. Even it is coincidence, why didn't they say this to Nagomi. Also,Mami is landmine, anytime the situation will get worst. Ruka gets her hold back that she will not let Chizuru to get Kazuya.

Everyone then went to the spring town. Where the temperature is 38℃. It was like a hot spring. Kazuya felt relief, now nothing will spoil their vacation. He actually believed Mami's word. Then he started staring at Chizuru. He thinks, whether he can have his relationship with her like this always. Meantime Ruka called Kazuya secretly. she said she has dropped her locker key somewhere. She asked for Kazuya's help because the pool is filled with water bubbles. When he was searching for the key. Ruka hugged him. Ruka entrapped Kazuya and used that chance to spend time with him alone. Kazuya fears that if someone (Shun) saw them together, he will be in a big trouble. He hid her by hugging her tightly. When kazuya look into shun and kibe. Shun complains to Kibe that the water hits him, where he was enjoying it like a monk. Raku use this chance to have joy with Kazuya. Suddenly, kazuya went out of the pool and run for it.  

In the water park, Ruka wonder why she has so much fun in waterslide and other trips. It was not like when she has this sort of fun when she went to the rollercoaster with her friends in her school days. It was fun because she has Kazuya with her. She also wonders why she would fall for a guy like him. But it cannot be helped, when she is in this sort of love with him. Meanwhile Mami gets out of the pool and asks Ruka. Is she being Kazuya's girlfriend? Ruka replied yes!, she is. Ruka thinks why did she come and talk to her all of a sudden. She comments Ruka that she thought of her relationship with Kazuya is just a friendship.  

Mami questions her what if Ruka were to be Kazuya's real girlfriends?