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"The Girlfriend and Paradise (Part 11)" (楽園と彼女⑪, Rakuen to kanojo 11?) is the one hundred and ninety-eighth chapter of the Kanojo, Okarishimasu manga series.


At the pool. While everyone is playing around. Kazuya excuses and called for Mami to talk in private. Kazuya wonders off seeing her in white bikini and where the other people mock at Kazuya for being with such a hot girl. Kazuya apologize to Mami for lying to her about renting again Chizuru. He discourages as that he is a loser; he is good for nothing; he is always causing trouble to Mizuhara. Then he said that he doesn’t want to bring this lie to his grandma. He doesn’t want to hurt his grandma. Mami suddenly replied that she felt sad for Kazuya to have no faith in her as His Ex-Girlfriend. She expresses her feeling ‘’(Fake)’’ would know that he wants to fix his problem, The lie he has been keeping with his grandma. Also, she expressed that it was a special day for her when Kazuya was with her even it is a month that they shared the feeling. Kazuya responded to her that he too feels the same. Mami was sure that she will not do anything that upset him. Kazuya felt guilty of having wrong thoughts on Mami. He again apologized to her and when into the pool. Mami laughed looking at him in a cackling manner. Then Mami, Ruka and Mami have a Fish therapy for legs. Kibe, Kuri and Kazuya feel embarrassed of their sound while the fish bites their toes. Kibe suddenly asked Chizuru how long she had been friends with Ruka. Ruka has dumped look on her face. Chizuru replied that it had been a while. Kazuya feels something is off. Then he looks at Mami and thinks that she has nothing to do with them. Of all the others. She is the one who is not a friend of anyone there.