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"The Girlfriend and Paradise (Part 10)" (楽園と彼女⑩, Rakuen to kanojo 10?) is the one hundred and ninety-seventh chapter of the Kanojo, Okarishimasu manga series.


After coming out of the pool. Chizuru asked Kazuya what he thought when he lost her top. She was sure that he may thought of her in some embarrassing way. Kazuya got excited and without his understanding he describe about her swimsuit like that was cute and the blue selfish colour and the lace pattern in her bikini. He confessed that louder in public . Chizuru laugh after hearing about what he said. That she have no idea about blue selfish colour stuff. While laughing she said "I Love You”. Chizuru also said that it was an act as a girlfriend that no one will doubt about them. kazuya think that there is no way he can express his feeling to her that it was just an act but while seeing her happy gives him a real girlfriend vibe , he wants to spend every day like this. Kazuya was happy that at least she was enjoying this vacation even it was just an act for he. Chizuru asked about Grandma. Kazuya replied that they may be around somewhere. She also asked kazuya about their relationship and she wants him to share that she can help him for his real girlfriend. On the sideward in the bench kazuya and chizuru saw Mami with Grandma .They noticed that mami was sharing something to grandma in her mobile. Kazuya face was filled with fear. But chizuru casually greeted grandma. His grandma was Freudenstränen after seeing chizuru in her swimsuit and how she greeted her. Then they find out that mami was just showing their photos from the other day at the beach. Kazuya was relieved about that they were just chatting. Chizuru thinks of that even mami said that it to save her from kazuya, however all see wants to do is completely destroy kazuya’s life. Mami whispered to chizuru's  that she will not reveal the rental thing that easily. Then mami when to the pool. While everyone are having fun in the pool. Kazuya glare at over mami angrily in the pool.