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"The Girlfriend and Paradise (Part 9)" (楽園と彼女⑨, Rakuen to kanojo 9?) is the one hundred and ninety-sixth chapter of the Kanojo, Okarishimasu manga series.


At the water slide. When everyone is out of the pool. Chizuru thinks seriously that how that it could happen. How she lost her top while the slide. Was the slide is really that fast. She thinks where she lost  her top. While everyone is  almost out of the she is the only one in the pool. Now she cannot able to get out the water .She have stay at the bottom of the water. The water is so clear that anyone can see her. Kazuya searches for chizuru. When he found her out and the way she was there .He thought that she is not feeling well. When he get in to the pool and reach her and asked her. She reply’s that she lost her top. Kazuya embarrassed of thinking of her without her top. H also think when and how would this happened as same as chizuru thinks .At the time the other peoples where having the water slide. He immediately hide her with his to hands in corner. So, that one will find her situation .He wear his goggles and get in to water and he found her top . When she try’s to wear herself it feels loose. So, She asked for kazuya’s help. First he accept . Then he thinks of what will happen if she came out of the pool and her top fell in front of everyone. Then he accepted that and helped her with his eye closed. Then she thanked her .The instructor asked them that they have any problem. Kazuya replied no and when think of their relationship is not real it was an act. Chizuru asked kazuya that she wants to hear that from him. At the meanwhile at the changing room Mami texts a message to someone . Now she makes her move.