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"The Girlfriend and Paradise (Part 8)" (楽園と彼女⑧, Rakuen to kanojo 8?) is the one hundred and ninety-fifth chapter of the Kanojo, Okarishimasu manga series.


After Chizuru Ichinose accepts(Rental Act) the water slide with Kazuya Kinoshita .He feels embarrassed of seeing Chizuru Ichinose's back .At the time instructor say Kazuya Kinoshita to move his leg forward not in the sidewise. Now Kazuya Kinoshita feels embarraseed and imagines because .His legs are near Chizuru Ichinose breast .After enjoying the water slide. Chizuru Ichinose thinks of what Mami Nanami says of Kazuya Kinoshita as a stalker.So, Chizuru Ichinose gets anger of that and for that Mami Nanami asks "Are you in Love with Him...?".After that Mami Nanami says that she will get rid of Kazuya Kinoshita for her.After thinking of this thing.Now Chizuru Ichinose feels uneasy then she realize that she lost her swimsuit (Bandeau) while the water slide.