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"The Girlfriend and The Hot Springs (Part 3)" (おんせんかのじょ③, Onsen to Kanojo 3?) is the nineteenth chapter of the Kanojo, Okarishimasu manga series.


Kazuya, still befuddled by the fact that Chizuru allowed him to sleep in same room, starts fantasizing and thinks why she would do that. Chizuru, feeling uncomfortable due to Kazuya's look lands him a kick in the gut. She warns him that it was nothing but an act of kindness since she'd feel bad if she had made him sleep outside. Kazuya, with his heart beating faster very second, is unable to sleep with Chizuru there. He asks Chizuru why she went that far to save him but she doesn't respond and Kazuya assumes she's asleep. He goes on about how he wants to know her more, feels bad for involving her, calling himself a scumbag and asks if they have to tell everyone they broke up. Still no response. At the end Kazuya reveals that he wants to keep renting her. Unexpectedly, Chizuru turns around and tells him that he can rent her – for a little bit longer.