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"The Girlfriend and the All-Out Defense" (ぜんりょくけいカノジョ, Zenryoku Keibi to Kanojo?) is the one hundred and eighty-fifth chapter of the Kanojo, Okarishimasu manga series.


The chapter starts with and angry Ruka and frustrated Kazuya. Ruka demands to spend the night together at Kazuya's apartment for the night which Kazuya declines sternly. Ruka gets mad and explains how much she loves Kazuya and that how she needs to keep a lookout for Chizuru in case Kazuya tries to confess to her. However Kazuya denies that he will and tries to justify the fact that Ruka can't stay the night because they have broken up. Ruka cries about it and in an attempt to persuade Kazuya, she kisses him on the lips. The doorbell then rings and Kazuya rushes to the door. It is revealed to be a shocked Chizuru who sees Ruka along with a confused Grandma Nagomi. The chapter ends with a panel of a shocked Kazuya and Ruka.