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"The Girlfriend and the Friend (Part 2)" (ともだちカノジョ②, Tomodachi to Kanojo 2?) is the one hundred and eighty-second chapter of the Kanojo, Okarishimasu manga series.


The chapter starts with Kazuya plucking up the courage to confess to Chizuru, he rings her doorbell but much to his surprise, Chizuru states that she has something important to talk to with him. She explains to him about the fact that Mami might have seen the same bag that Chizuru wore in college on one of her rental dates. Kazuya begins to freak out and wonders if confessing would be a good idea, given the current situation. Afterwards, Kazuya confronts Kibe about what Mami is saying about Chizuru and decides to confess something to him. Meanwhile Chizuru is in college and is confronted by Mami who reveals that she knows Chizuru's real identity.