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"The Girlfriend and Determination" (けつカノジョ, Ketsui to Kanojo?) is the one hundred and eightieth chapter of the Kanojo, Okarishimasu manga series.


The chapter starts with Kazuya asking for Ruka to break up with him as he has feelings for Chizuru. After getting scolded by an angry Ruka, Ruka confronts Kazuya on the idea of confessing to Chizuru as it breaks the terms and conditions of the rental girlfriend contract. At his dorm, Kazuya thinks about how much time he has spent with Chizuru and the risks he has taken, he then decides to try and confess to Chizuru. Before anything is said Chizuru rushes into her room saying that she has something to attend to. The chapter then ends with a determined Kazuya and a very flustered Chizuru.