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"The Girlfriend and The Hot Springs (Part 2)" (おんせんかのじょ②, Onsen to Kanojo 2?) is the eighteenth chapter of the Kanojo, Okarishimasu manga series.


After realizing that they have been outsmarted by their grandmas, Kazuya and Chizuru rush downstairs to talk with them, however Kazuya and Chizuru are not able to change the room arrangements, returning to their room dejected. Chizuru decides to take a bath and leaves for the public bath. To her suprise, she finds Kazuya's Grandma bathing there as well. Both of them chat for a while and Grandma expresses how much she loves Chizuru and Kazuya. Afterwards, Chizuru returns to the room, proceeding to have dinner with Kazuya. They then head to sleep – Kazuya decides to sleep in the entryway, but Chizuru says it will be fine for him to sleep in the same room. Kazuya is bewildered by this.