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"The Girlfriend and the Confession (Part 3)" (こくはくカノジョ③, Kokuhaku to Kanojo 3?) is the one hundred and seventy-fourth chapter of the Kanojo, Okarishimasu manga series.


The chapter continues from Chizuru asking Kazuya about his feelings for her. Before he can answer a waitress interrupts them to give Chizuru her food. Chizuru then apologises for bringing up such a weird question. Kazuya flustered, thinks about how close he was to confessing and afterwards asks Chizuru if she ever got to tell her Grandmother about their rental relationship. Chizuru says she didn't get to and that she doesn't want to tell Kazuya's grandmother either in case she resents her. Kazuya promises never to let that happen. Chizuru explains that the two are back to normal and that she wont stop until Kazuya find himself a girlfriend. Kazuya takes this moment to tell her that his feelings on the night of their date were real and that his ideal girlfriend was her. Before he could confesses his love, Kibe turns up in a car and interrupts the two. The chapter ends with Chizuru disappears into her room and lies on her bed lovesick and Kazuya at the bar crying about the missed opportunity.