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"The Boyfriend and Ordinary Life" (かれにちじょう, Kare to Nichijō?) is the one hundred and sixty-eighth chapter of the Kanojo, Okarishimasu manga series.


The chapter starts with Kazuya waking up and wishing that he had a girlfriend. Kazuya then returns to university after the vacation. He bumps into Kuri, who he doesn't recognize due to his tanned skin. He then spots Kibe who is now dating one of Chizuru's friends. Kazuya then bumps into Yaemori who turns out to know Kuri as they attend the same club. Kazuya goes to work and is welcomed by Ruka who is seen wearing a maid outfit picked by the manager. Kazuya explains to Ruka how he used a rental date to cheer Chizuru up and the chapter ends with Ruka asking Kazuya to go on a trip together to a hot spring with her.