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"The Girlfriend and the Premiere" (じょうえいかいカノジョ, Jōei-kai to Kanojo?) is the one hundred and sixty-seventh chapter of the Kanojo, Okarishimasu manga series.


The chapter begins with Chizuru greeting people at the movie premier. Ruka cheers and says that the movie was amazing. The director then asks Chizuru to talk and he talks about how Kazuya busted into the room asking to borrow a projector during the time at the hospital. Kazuya is seen sitting out on the steps of the theatre. Chizuru playfully scares him by placing a cold drink can on his neck. Kazuya asks her what she's going to do next to which she responds that she will continue acting and that making the movie with Kazuya was so much fun. Kazuya lovestruck by her words, thanks her for helping him improve as a person. The chapter ends with Kibe meeting Kazuya's grandmother and Mami Both sitting at the table.