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"The Girlfriend and Impulse" (しょうどうかのじょ, Shōdō to Kanojo?) is the sixteenth chapter of the Kanojo, Okarishimasu manga series.


Kazuya visits the hospital to pay fees and gets picked up by Kibe and the group. Kazuya tries to talk with Mami but alas, she ignores him. Kazuya tells Kibe that he is still breaking up with Chizuru, but Kibe explains that because Kazuya is willing to sacrifice himself for Chizuru, their relationship can only be explained as "love". Later, Kazuya heads home and meets Chizuru in front of the apartment stairs, telling her that he has already paid money for next week. At night, he sees the pictures of the trip that were uploaded, realizing his feelings for Chizuru and accepts that he loves her.