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The Girlfriend and the Boyfriend, Part 1 (カノジョカレ①, Kanojo to Kareshi 1?) is the one hundred and fifty-seventh chapter of the Kanojo, Okarishimasu manga series.


The chapter starts with Kazuya at work. Ruka talks about the situation and how Chizuru normally doesn't like to show her feelings. Kazuya gets an idea on how to cheer Chizuru up which Ruka says that it is a bad idea due to Kazuya not being Chizuru's real boyfriend but Kazuya persists. Ruka notices how passionate Kazuya is for Chizuru and she gets annoyed about how off putting she is. She asks Kazuya to take her to the amusement park which he says isn't possible. He asks his manager for a early pay check in order to cheer up Chizuru which he allows on the condition that he keeps his hands off Ruka. The chapter ends with Kazuya renting Chizuru and preparing to give her the "best date of her life".