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The Girlfriend and the Sudden Trip (カノジョとっぱつりょこう, Kanojo to Toppatsu Ryokō?) is the one hundred and fifty-fifth chapter of the Kanojo, Okarishimasu manga series.


Sumi states that she wants to help Kazuya as friends which shocks him. As they head to the beach, Kazuya fantasizes about Sumi and her kindness. They play a game of match on the train to the beach. Once they arrive, Sumi disappointed at the fact that no one was there due to it being the middle of September, rushes to an observation tower. Kazuya confused at how determined Sumi is follows her to the top of the tower. After looking at 2 people shout out of the top of the tower, Sumi builds up her courage and the chapter ends with her shouting off the top of the tower too.