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The Girlfriend and Resolve (おもいきりとカノジョ, Omoikiri to Kanojo?) is the one hundred and fifty-fourth chapter of the Kanojo, Okarishimasu manga series.


Kazuya rents Sumi to try and find a way to cheer up Chizuru after the death of her grandmother. They attend a cafe and Sumi is crying over the news of Grandma Sayuri passing away. Kazuya explains he is feeling conflicted on whether or not to cheer Chizuru up, as she is acting just fine when with him. Sumi takes the initiative, dragging Kazuya to Shinjuku station, intending to bring him to Fujisawa. Kazuya, aware of the situation realizes that she intends on bringing him to the beach. Kazuya starts panicking as the rent session is almost ending, but she insists, using her voice to explain that she wants to do it for Chizuru and as his friend.