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The Girlfriend and the Goodbye (おわかれとカノジョ, Owakare to Kanojo?) is the one hundred and fifty-third chapter of the Kanojo, Okarishimasu manga series.


The chapter begins with Kazuya and his grandmother on their way to attend Sayuri's funeral. On the way Kazuya thinks about how his grandmother would act. When they arrive, much to his surprise, Kazuya's grandmother Nagomi stays calm and tells Kazuya that as Chizuru's boyfriend only he can do what must be done. After the funeral, Kazuya frustrated, thinks about the situation and how to cheer Chizuru up. The chapter ends with Kazuya meeting up with Sumi in order to get some advice. When meeting him, as part of her clumsy demeanour, she proceeds to trips over a rock.