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The Girlfriend and Lies, Part 4 (うそカノジョ ④, Uso to Kanojo 4?) is the one hundred and fifty-first chapter of the Kanojo, Okarishimasu manga series.


Chizuru notices her grandma talking and therefore quickly tries to get a nurse but is stopped by her grandmother's weak grip. She stays and listens to what her grandma has to say and tries to bring herself to tell her the truth about her relationship with Kazuya. Chizuru's grandmother realises that she has lied about something but states that a part of her wants to know but a part of her doesn't because whatever Chizuru decides, she will be happy with. The chapter comes to end with Chizuru's grandmother stating that she loves Chizuru and that the movie was amazing and to give her thanks to Kazuya as well.