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The Girlfriend and the Seedling (カノジョ, Kanojo to Me?) is the one hundred and fourty forth chapter of the Kanojo, Okarishimasu manga series.


Chizuru is seen at the hospital with her grandmother and talks about the movie. As she heads out the room she comes across Sumi who had come to give flowers for Chizuru's grandmother Sayuri. She reveals to Chizuru how hard Kazuya has worked to come this far and congratulates the two on completing the movie. Afterwards Chizuru introduces Sumi to her grandmother and shortly after Sumi leaves Chizuru complains about how clumsy Kazuya is and starts laughing about what he did during the trip. Chizuru's grandmother confronts her saying, love can sprout when talking about a person that can make you smile. Chizuru denies her claims. The chapter ends with Kazuya reminiscing about a conversation with Chizuru.