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"The Girlfriend and the Friend" (ともだちかのじょ, Tomodachi to Kanojo?) is the thirteenth chapter of the Kanojo, Okarishimasu manga series.


Kazuya heads back to the beach, but sees Kibe talking to Chizuru, and decides to hide in a bush to listen to their conversation. Kibe asks if Chizuru is seriously breaking up with Kazuya, and goes on to talk about Kazuya – his personality, attitude, and determination. Kibe then asks Chizuru to give Kazuya one last chance, handing Chizuru ferry tickets as a late congratulation gift for them getting together. Kazuya is moved to tears after hearing what Kibe said, but a dog barks at him, scaring him out of his hiding spot. Kibe leaves the two of them alone, and Chizuru hands Kazuya one of the tickets, agreeing to go. Fast forward to the afternoon, the pair are about to board the ferry. Chizuru is feeling uncomfortable, but denies this when Kazuya asks if she is ok. The chapter ends with the ferry leaving the pier.